About Me

I strongly believe that we must sometimes escape our confined every day world and let our minds code the crazy ideas we have. It is in those times that we create the greatest gems, remarkable products and shake the technologies’ landscape.

It is my conviction that all energy needs to flow into building a clear vision, a relationship of trust, and adequate coaching to achieve goals and to build an inspiring workplace. Only then will we have empowered the team to build remarkable products.

Things I like working with

Electron, Javascript+babel, flowtype, Node.js, Redux, React.js, ReactNative

The Tools I like

Atom.io, Emacs and vim, Karma, OS X, Linux, zsh

The things I had fun learning and working with

AngularJS, C, C++, clojure, dart, Django, ember.js, git, fish-shell, Jasmine, Java, jQuery, libGDX, Lisp, Scheme, Redis, TypeScript, Haskell, Haxe, MongoDB, Objective-C, PythonScala, Vagrant, WxPython